Sharkthane Pigments
The SharkThane Pigments are available in white, black, brown, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, neon green and violet in convenient 4 ounce, quart and gallon quantities.
Sharkthane Flex Pro Series
This professional series of flexible urethanes range from a Shore A hardness of 5 through 70. Shore A 20 through 70 urethanes have a one to one mix ratio for easy computation, a twenty minute pot life and an overnight cure. The softest of these urethanes have a variable hardness determined by the quantity of softener additive used. All the SharkThane Flex Pro urethanes are a natural amber color which can be easily altered using SharkThane Pigments.
Sharkthane Flex Pro Fast Series
This professional series of flexible urethanes range in hardness from a Shore A 20 to a Shore A 95. They each have a one to one mix ratio for ease of use, low viscosity to pick up fine details, high tear strength, low shrinkage, a five minute pot life and can be demolded in less than two hours. The Shore A 30 through the Shore A 95 are natural amber colored for easy pigmentation. The Shore A 20 can be pigmented also.
Sharkthane Flex Pro/Hard Flex Pro Clear Series
This professional group accepts tints and pigments readily yielding consistent color, or the longer pot life allows time to degas to remove microscopic air bubbles creating to a water clear appearance. The flexibility gives an impact resistant surface. This product line works well for indoor and outdoor applications.
Sharkthane Hard Flex Pro Series
This group of professional urethanes yields a hard surface which has a slight flexibility good for great abrasion and impact resistance. These natural amber products can easily be pigmented. The addition of a thickener turns these products into a paintable version to give a protective surface to wood or other substrates
Sharkthane Hard Pro Series
This professional series of rigid polyurethanes features one to one mix products which have differing pot life/set times allowing for longer working time for large castings and quick demold for the smaller ones. The longer the pot life, the slower the set and the lower the shrinkage. All the Hard Pro products can be pigmented, however for a close color match, the Hard Pro 85 works best.
Sharkthane Tool Cast Series
The professional series of tool cast urethanes are great reproduction plastics. Although the fillers in most of the products raise the viscosity, they all pick up fine detail, resist abrasion and are machinable. The HT, Slow and Alum products can tolerate a continuous temperature of 250F, and a higher intermittent temperature, making them an excellent choice for low temperature molds and for molds see a higher temperature environment such as thermo/vacuum forming.
Sharkthane Hard Pro Clear Series
The professional Hard Pro Clear series of urethanes are tough and water clear when handled properly. They accept SharkThane Pigments and tints to maintain a true color match. They are available in pot lives up to 3 hours for large castings, or as little as 3 minutes to rapidly turn out parts. These water clear urethanes have a low viscosity to pick up fine detail and low shrinkage. Their UV resistance makes them excellent for outdoor use.